Remote training

Online training is an excellent tool for keeping us connected and expanding your submissive role in my life.  

Whether you’re new to BDSM and seeking guidance, a long-distance slave, or someone who is seeking more control and sensual inspiration; remote training is a fun way for me to influence your everyday life. 

Filling this form thoroughly and thoughtfully is imperative to laying the foundation for beginning your training.  

You must send an initial gift of $50 via Amazon to be considered. Please feel free to send this to yourself electronically and copy and paste the code into your submission at the bottom of the contact form. During the time of COVID, emails are reserved for setting up appointments and appointments require deposits.  There is enough content about me via my site and social media for you to be certain about what you want.  This acts as a deposit of your sincerity and as incentive for me to direct my attention to it promptly.  If you choose to send the gift via email, please include your name and email address in the memo of the gift card, and only those things.  

Your training will reflect the interests we have in common and will be stretched across different mediums, my favorite being Snapchat, so I may send you bespoke audio/visual messages and request tasks to be performed.  The mediums at our disposal are not limited to that of course, and could include Skype, phone calls, texts and emails as well if it seems to fit.  

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