As a Dominant in Chicago with over 10 years of experience in BDSM and all things kink, I invite you to delve further into your imagination and allow me to drive.  Our time together will set the stage for self-exploration with no judgements, doubts, or negativity.  I choose to be the vessel into which you pour your confessional fantasies and the catalyst for seeing them through.

“All I know is this is a beginning that couldn’t have had more meaning for me, nor left any deeper an impression. The power She possesses is so strong it has stretched half way around a world and taken hold of me.”

I am operating independently in the city of Chicago, with trips to NYC from my home base in South Florida.  While I am not actively considering new clients, if you think our interests mesh and you can be verified through a thorough process to ensure my safety and comfort, I am happy to consider the opportunity to explore with someone new!  My intention is to build rapport, trust and respect through extended training, but I’ll never bypass the opportunity to charm and manipulate a traveler passing through.

“I’ve fantasized for so long about [this] experience, and you absolutely blew away my own imagination (which I think is quite elaborate).  You are an amazingly beautiful woman, and perfectly dominant.  I don’t think I could craft someone better.  I was so nervous leading up to the appointment, but walked away satisfied beyond expectations.  It was truly a transformative experience.”

My interest in BDSM is based largely in my fascination with human behavior, power exchange, gender dynamics, and naturally, sexuality.  I am a sensual disciplinarian at heart; driven by creative, erotic exploration on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. I am playful, I like to push boundaries, and I like to see someone work to please me.  My attitude toward play can be both gentle and stern.  I am demanding yet conscientious.  I never raise my voice or assume someones role before I have the opportunity to connect with them.  I delight in the design and execution of a D/s or fetish-based encounter and take much pleasure in subjecting someone to my control.  I am dedicated to building lasting relationships within the context of our meeting. I admire those with the courage to pursue this type of interaction and reward those who like to play on a more cerebral level.