I am a natural-born Alpha, a charming, feminine muse, and a Pro-Domme of over 15 years.  I have been championed for my creativity, sensuality, and expertise in BDSM and all things kink.  My session style is by design a challenging and tactile gratification of the mind and senses that is always bespoke to your level of experience and your specific kinks.  Our time together will set the stage for self-exploration and understanding with no judgments.

“All I know is this is a beginning that couldn’t have had more meaning for me, nor left any deeper an impression. The power She possesses is so strong it has stretched half way around a world and taken hold of me.”

I am operating independently in the city of Chicago with regularity and include trips to NYC from my home base in South Florida.  My intention is to build rapport, trust, and respect through extended training, but I’ll never bypass the opportunity to charm and seduce a worthy traveler passing through.

“I’ve fantasized for so long about [this] experience, and you absolutely blew away my own imagination (which I think is quite elaborate).  You are an amazingly beautiful woman, and perfectly Dominant.  I don’t think I could craft someone better.  I was so nervous leading up to the appointment, but walked away satisfied beyond expectations.  It was truly a transformative experience.”

My demeanor is cool and easy, but my expectations are high and my confidence unflinching.  You will be put at ease as quickly as you will be put in your place if need be. I will never assume someone’s role before I have the opportunity to connect with them about what motivates their submission.  You will never find me playing from anger or raising my voice in session.  My role is to guide you to subspace through submission and to set you free.