How should I address you?
I prefer to be addressed as Ms. Sinclair.  It is required that you speak to me as an individual and not a generic term such as ‘Mistress’ or ‘Goddess’.  If one of those is utilized it will be with my surname.

Should I bring anything to our meeting?
You should only bring your tribute and essentials needed for the session such as things you’d like to play with if there are any extras.   If you choose to bring a gift, please consider a gift card for things that are utilitarian to my life and business such as Uber, Whole Foods, American Airlines or gift cards.  If you must bring a physical gift, you can never go wrong with stockings by Falke, Secrets in Lace, or Wolford.  

What should I do to prepare for the session?
Clear your head, clean and groom your body thoroughly, and follow my instructions on when to come and how to contact me.  Leave the rest to me.

May I leave a review?
Every experience is unique and tailored to my client’s tastes as they coordinate with my own, therefore reviews are a little too intimate for my taste. If you would like to submit some praise or feedback to me personally after our session I will gladly accept it and I may even share it on my website or Twitter.

May I bring my partner/spouse?
You may!  I love couples!  As long as we negotiate the scene prior, I am happy to accommodate.  I especially love teaching partners how to Top their submissive counterparts!  Please add 50% to your tribute per hour of play if you’d like to bring your partner. 

Do you offer doubles with other providers?
I certainly do, but reserve the right to choose those providers myself.  I prefer to work with women in the industry that I personally know.  If you have someone in mind that you’d like for me to work with, you may fund a lunch or dinner date for the two of us to carve out time to get acquainted. 

May I use you as a reference?
Of course, as long as we have actually seen one another and had a great time.  You do not need to contact me to ask if this is ok to do.  

Do you see those with no professional experience?
This varies depending on my client saturation at the time.  It will typically depend on our initial rapport and if our interests parallel one another nicely.  This is why your initial impression is so important!  Want me to remember and look forward to seeing you?  Make yourself memorable and present your best self when you approach me for a session.  I reserve the option to require a deposit for any new client. 

What are your hard limits? 
Brown showers, any acts of prostitution or any acts ending in ‘job’, drugs (outside of alcohol or marijuana if it is legal in the state where we’re meeting) in session, intimate worship, smoking cigarettes, real cuckolding, bikinis or underwear as my session attire, competitive wrestling, overt public humiliation.

What is your cancelation policy?
I understand that things come up in life, and this is why I require a deposit.  From the moment our appointment is booked, that block of time is reserved for you.  If you cancel within 24 hours of that time it is unlikely that I will be able to fill it, so your deposit will be retained and not applicable to another session.  Should you cancel your appointment without rescheduling more than once, you will be required to submit the entire session fee to secure the time. 

Do you provide same-day appointments?
Never.  I will always be someone who likes to plan 1-2 weeks (or more if necessary) prior to an appointment.

May I take video or photos of our session?
I will utilize my own camera to take discreet photos or videos of whatever you like during our session at my own discretion.

Where do you take sessions?
When I am not operating out of my own dungeon, I take sessions at local Chicago Dungeons in West Town and Logan Square.  When in New York, I session out of my hotel suite.  I always have a duffle full of tricks!

What is your screening policy?
You must always submit the email addresses of two established and reputable adult providers you’ve seen within the last 6 months if you are a veteran player.  I will always check these references no matter what.  If you are new, you will comply with personal details that I should ask for.  These details stay between us.  I have no interest in compromising your discretion just as I have no interest in compromising my reputation in the industry.  Once you have been screened and seen by me and all goes well, I would be happy to be of reference for another provider you may see.  This way in theory, you will only have to provide your personal details once, to one person.  

Can I see you for just drinks/consultation/dinner/other outings?
I love spending time with the people I deem compatible.  I have even been known to travel on business trips and vacations domestically and internationally with clients I enjoy. Building real rapport creates trust between us, and that makes play even more exciting.   Contact me for a quote and to discuss your idea.